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Lance Wallach: For Expertise You Won't Find Anywhere Else

All you wanted was a comfortable retirement. What you got was fraud, incompetence, and
scams. Fortunately, Lance Wallach and his team are here to help you protect your assets and
keep the IRS out of your pockets!

Remember, many advisory firms offer financial planning, insurance, and investment services,
but the difference is that
Lance Wallach wrote the books on life insurance as well as
financial and estate planning that the other consultants learned from!

If you want to sleep soundly at night, don't go to the students for your financial solutions, go to
the one who teaches them - Lance Wallach!
    Lance Wallach's Expertise
    Is Appreciated By All

    "Mr. Wallach, thanks
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    information you can
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    helpful.  Hopefully, we
    can work together in
    the future as interest in
    VEBAs increase."

    Corman G. Franklin
    Office of the
    Assistant Secretary
    for Policy
    U.S. Department
    of Labor

Every one of our consulting attorneys, CPAs & ex IRS Agents has more
than 25 years of professional experience!
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IRS is attacking
412(e)(3), Section 79,
other benefit plans,
and plans having
life insurance.
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Lance Wallach

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How to Avoid Being Fined by the IRS and Sued by Your Client
Sep 26, 2013           WOW   (Colleen C., AL)
Course Discussion Forum

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Program Attorney


The 2013 Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium
November 20, 21, 22, 2013
Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury, NY
Lance Wallach, CLU, ChFC

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How to Get Fined $100,000 by IRS and Sued by Your Clients, Updated for
2013 (TAX CPE) (CLE)
Lance Wallach
Accounting ''speaker of the year'' explains abusive, listed, or reportable
transactions, and tax shelters, insurance, annuity products sold to YOUR
clients including popular DB retirement plan 412i, 419, section 79, captive
insurance, life settlements, premium finance, Roth IRA, reverse mortgages etc.
that will get YOU in trouble. Accountants signing returns face mandatory
$100,000 IRS fine. Learn disclosure requirements to avoid large penalties,
both to yourself and your client. This popular program helped over 27,000
accountants avoid IRS fines and client lawsuits.

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